Posted on: March 31, 2008 10:40 am

Weekend Thoughts

This weekend was full of College Basketball for me and i must say it didn't disappoint. It all started with the NCAA Division II championship game which i attended. I believe it was the best game of the day hands down. The game featured the Winona st. Warriors vs. the Augusta st. Jaquars, Winona st has been in the final game the last three years and game into this one huge favorites. May i just say the Winona st fans sure do travel well... There had to be at least 1500 Winona fans in Springfield Mass. and the team is out of Minnesota. They started the game making sure to give the fans a show after traveling so far going 5-5 to start the game but that really was the highlight of the first half because they went cold from the field following that and ended up trailing Augusta by 12 at half time due to a dominating performance by senior forward 'AJ' Bowman (9-11 for 20pts). You just knew that Winona st was going to come out of the gate in the second half on fire after recieving what i can only imagine as one firery halftime speech, but it didnt happen that way the lead shot up to 16 after 3 minutes but then Junior forward Jonte Flowers took over the game scoring 25 of his game high 30 in the second half. Winona st then went on to outscore Augusta by 27 the rest of the game to capture its 2nd championship in 3 years. The last two years this game has not disappointed I believe they should televise the elite 8 not just the final game because i heard that all the games were close.

The other games i just watched from either a bar or the comfort of my own house but i didn't consider them to be very interesting I never thought Xavier stood a chance against UCLA and Louisville although they had it tied with like 6 minutes left to go i still didn't feel that UNC was going to lose. That may just be my bias towards UNC but i just had a feeling that some1 would step up and close out the cardinals and Pyscho T was up to the challenge. Anyone still think that he isn't the National Player of the Year????????

The second day of games we're better Memphis Vs. Texas and Davidson vs Kansas. I needed Texas to win the first game to have any chance at winning with my bracket but that didn't happen so i proceeded to root for Davidson to pull off the upset against Kansas and it looked like it might happen when with about 7 secounds left Curry had the ball and it seemed as if he was going to add on to his legend. Instead he passed it up and Kansas won by 2. At least Curry got a consolation prize of winning the Regions M.O.P. and i read that he has decided to stay in school for his junior year which will just start up the debate about whether or not Davidson can repeat the same run next year.

So another year where i can throw my bracket away before the final four but hey at least i can now just sit back and watch UNC win it all.


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