Posted on: March 10, 2008 3:44 pm

Weekend Thoughts

This weekend was a very important weekend in the NCAA some teams punched their tickets for March Madness while others just expanded the bubble and now their fate resides in the hands of the committee. The same committee that over the years have screwed up really bad with who they put in and who they leave out. Look at last year 'Cuse wins 20 and gets left out then goes on the hand everyone in the NIT a nice beat down. This years team that scares me a little bit is VCU they were the best team in their conference by far and now they must rely on the committee to put them in. VCU was the darling team last year and if they make it in look for them to do the same thing this year because of the chip that will be on their shoulder.

UCLA walked away with another game that they should have lost but the refs helped them out again. Its nice to see that rules dont matter when it comes to UCLA. That ball clearly goes over the backboard and the rule was being talked about on every program later on... the ball is out of bounds which mean that game is over and Cal gets the win, instead UCLA gets back to back games handed to them by the refs... Does any other team have a chance in the Pac-10? I just hope that games they play in during the Tournament are better officiated then the last 2 have been because i do not wish to see UCLA make the final four by default.

Duke - UNC was everything it was billed to be and more. UNC seemed like they were going to run away with it come halftime and then Duke came out firing threes which i believe is the reason they are never out of a game. With that said i think UNC showed alot of people they are for real when they held Duke scoreless for the last 5 minutes of the game. Its that kind of defense is what will win them the title.. other teams like Kansas can put up the same scoring output as UNC so they will need to stop some1. on another note about the game it was nice to see Duke fans paying respect to Eve Marie Carson during the moment of silience... And will some1 please get rid of the Speedo man.

The Suns finally looked like the team they wished to be when they traded for Shaq. They beat the Spurs which is the main reason for the pick up so hopefully they can get the 7th seed in the playoffs because i dont know if they can beat any other team with Shaq. Although he did show some spirit going into the stands for that loose ball. it seems as if they can somewhat play defense when they need to which should scare some teams bu tthey are way too inconsistent with Shaq to win a 7 game series.

Other sporting events that made me wonder this weekend were Andy Roddick winning, Kyle Busch winning, Lakers losing, and the Drake Bulldogs.

  • Roddick looks like he may be on his way to having one of his best seasons. he has only dropped 2 matches this year and has taken down 6 players in the top 30 this year. If he can keep on this roll i see him making a run at one of the 2 final Grand slams. You can write him off for the French hes never made it past the 3rd round there.
  • Kyle Busch is showing that this year he is the real deal and Hendricks made a mistake by getting rid of him. He is sitting in 1st in the truck series, 3rd in the nationwide and 1st in the Sprint cup series. I see him as becoming the first racer to ever finish the season as the top driver in each of the series. He looks like hes the real deal now if he stays away from becoming like his brother he'll be just fine.
  • The Lakers are having a very hard time with the Kings this year and i know those 2 teams usually play very good games but the talent level this year is much wider and yet the Kings stay in every game vs them. A week ago the Kings took a huge lead into the 4th quarter just to blow it and allow the lakers to win but this weekend they held onto the lead and Kobe missed a game winner with under 2 seconds left giving the Kings a win vs the top team in the West. Lakers better not have let downs like this against good teams in the playoffs or else they will be out first round.
  • Drake looks good for a bunch of walk-ons and cast offs. They were picked by the coaches to finish 9th in their conference and all they did was break into the top 20 nationally ranked teams and win their confrence very easily. They are in the same mold as Duke and are never out of a game with their three point shooters. Kyle Korver's little brother will end up playing a huge part come the tournament. look for Drake to make a run into at least the Sweet Sixteen.

Hopefully the next few weeks are just as entertaining as this weekend was for sports.

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